About Us

Who we are-Nighthawk Networking was created from two of us who wanted cameras installed to monitor high theft areas of our farms.  Then, we discovered we could provide ourselves faster internet with greater reliability than we had previously, so we connected our homes.  Word spread, and we connected a couple neighbors to the network.  Finally, we partnered with Grant County PUD and became a licensed and approved Internet Service Provider for our wireless network, the same network we designed for the cameras.  We also gained PUD approval to be a Service Provider of their growing Fiber Optic Network.

What we do –We provide high speed wireless and fiber optic internet service to Grant County. Our equipment is state of the art and we are constantly upgrading as new proven technologies become available. By partnering with the Grant County PUD we are able to serve the majority of the population with some of the fastest fiber speeds in the nation. We also use the best practices to give those outside of the fiber network the most reliable wireless internet. 

How we do it- We strive to bring the best to you. This includes using the best technology available. When we construct new broadcasting towers, we use renewable energy sources, primarily the sun.  Our radio equipment is modern, efficient, and faster than equipment of just a few years ago.  It operates on less power and delivers more throughput, allowing us to keep speeds high as we add new customers.

Why we do it– Nighthawk Networking is a local company. All of our employees live in Grant County, therefore we understand the needs of the area thoroughly as they are our needs as well. We work hard to provide you with the service that you deserve because its also what we expect.  We are internet-driven with new farm technology, internet cameras, laptops at home and work, and various entertainment devices and streaming services.  We like them to operate fast, so we are committed to keeping the system operational and at maximum performance.  And now, as you join our network, we are committed to ensuring you are receiving the value you expect.